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Using the System to Build Rental Income

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Are You Ready To:
  • Help Others with the #1 Issue On People's Minds: Debt?
  • Join the Most DYNAMIC Team Designed to Help You Be Successful?
  • Earn Incredible Income?
Are You Ready for The Most 
EXPLOSIVE Business Out There Today?

Take Action Partners is focused on the 
hottest issue out there right now: Debt. 
We help others pay off their debt in a fraction of the time.

And, We Need YOU!

How do we do that?

We have an award-winning, dynamic, interactive Financial GPS designed to guide individuals, families, and business owners step-by-step to Debt-Freedom by integrating numerous banking strategies, thousands of lines of code, advanced technology, and math all in a very friendly interface. 

We have all used a GPS in our vehicles to get where we want to go. To use our vehicle GPS, we enter the address of where we want to go and the GPS provides step-by-step directions on how to get there. If we miss our turn, hit road construction, or add additional stops to our route, the system recalculates and finds the next fastest way to our destination. 

Imagine that type of technology, but for your finances. That is what we provide.

Our financial GPS looks at money coming, money going out, debt and variables associated with debt (balance owed, amortization schedule, interest rate, payment, and more) and then mathematically finds the fastest way to pay off your debt, given your unique financial situation. The program provides a proactive 90 day action plan with step-by-step directions for your finances. It will literally say: Move money from Account A to Account B in the Amount of (down to the penny) and you simply follow the prompts (just as you would when driving your car). 

As things change, no problem - tell the system and it will recalculate - just like your GPS in your vehicle. Change your job - no problem. You got a raise/more income - no problem. If you add more debt - no problem. Thinking about buying a new house or car - no problem. As your goals change, you got it - no problem. 

Just tell the system and it will recalculate and help guide you to make the most informed decision. You can even input hypothetical situations and potential purchases to ensure you make the best decision for you and your family at that time.

And We Need MORE Agents To Help Share This With Others!!! 

This is perfect for those who want/need to:

  • Create a Plan B: Most financial gurus advise to NOT rely on one source of Income. In fact, many say you should have multiple sources of income and encourage people to join a Direct Sales Company
  • Enhance Your Core Business: Learn how you can incorporate this business into most industries and professions in order to build a stronger business. 
  • Develop An Additional Stream of Income: Whether you are looking for a Plan B or integrating this into your business, build an additional stream of income
  • ​Distinguish Yourself From the Competition: Don't just compete with others in your industry - rise above the competition. Become the Competition!
  • Become Your Own Boss: The most common goal our agents have: Replace their current income with income from United Financial Freedom. Position yourself to be able to fire your current boss.
  • ​Be in Charge of Your Schedule: Imagine having complete control on your schedule. You decide what hours you work, when you are available
  • Generate Passive Income: Create passive income by having a team and getting overrides on others' work! 
  • Help Others and Give Back: As Zig Ziglar says: You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.
  • Join a Crusade: Can you imagine any better crusade than one that is helping people with the #1 issue on their mind: Debt? Studies have shown that the #1 cause of divorce and #1 issue keeping people up at night is their finances. Join a crusade that is truly helping families, individuals, and businesses reduce stress, save families, reduce worry, and position others to take control of their finances. We are on a mission to buy back America, one family at a time. Join Us!

Our Mission

United Financial Freedom is on a Mission to buy back America, one family at a time. 
Take Action and become an agent. 
Help others with the BIGGEST ISSUE on their mind: Debt. 
Be their hero and earn money!

Join Us

If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, you are leaving money on the table!

**Have you ever had someone want to buy a home, but, they could not qualify for a loan?

**Have you ever spoke with someone about real estate only to find out they have a family member or friend who is also a Realtor? For a minute you thought you had your next client; then, gone in a flash!

**Have you lost a buyer due to the client purchasing another home in the same neighborhood?

**Have you every sold someone a new home, only to have their property value decrease?

**Do you enjoy working with Real Estate Investors?

We can help you build your business in any real estate market without a distraction. And, we can help you earn more money on every transaction, and receive more referrals, doing so!

We Want You to be Successful!

Join Our Team and Here are Some Tools 
We Provide to Help with Your Success!

  • 10 Day Action Plan - Be successful from Day 1 with a 10-Day Action Plan!
  • Replicated Sites - Promote the Program and the Business easily with Pre-created Marketing Tools
  • Scripts - Wording to help you introduce the program
  • Videos - Let our videos do the heavy-lifting by providing a general overview of the program, Demonstration of the System, and, for those who need it, a presentation of the mechanics behind the system
  • ​eBook - Help your clients better understand the system and the Creators with our Converting Your Debt to Wealth eBook
  • Weekly Training - Two TAP Trainings per week to help you be successful
  • One-on-One Coaching - Learn from the Best: Two of the Top Agents are Ready to Help You be Successful
  • ​Agent-Only Training Site - Access training and resources 24/7 to learn about this program and how to be successful
  • Dynamic Presentation - Dynamic slide system to help the client see the value of the program
  • ​Back Office - Have access to all of the tools to be successful: Videos for prospective clients/agents, analysis tools, access your team, see commission information from sales, overrides, bonuses, etc..., and more!

Join Our Team TODAY 
And, You Will Get Some EXTRA BONUSES!

  • Audio Recording - Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Audio Recording - John C Maxwell: Failing Forward
  • Webinar Recording - Prospecting Techniques that Work!
  • eBook - Productivity Secrets for Entrepreneurs
  • eBook - Building the Business Brain!
  • Marketing Tools - Replicated Sites to Promote the program and business!
Are you ready to earn more money in your real estate transactions? And, help your Real Estate business stand out? This video will provide an overview of the compensation plan and the income potential you can add to your real estate commission. All without distracting yourself from your core business and while building your client base.
Earn additional income while expanding your real estate business!
MMA Demonstration
Are you ready to see this amazing System in action? This video will provide a look into what this system is and how easy it is for you to use. Although based on advanced math, algorithms, and technology; it is packaged in a user-friendly interface. Check it out!!!
A Conversation with the Creators
Meet the two gentlemen who created the system. Hear why they chose to invest millions into creating this program which has begun to revolutionize the financial industry. 
Mechanics Behind the Program
Are you analytical and need more detail on how the program works? This video will provide more specifics on how the program works; including some of the banking strategies behind the program.
What this Financial Method IS and IS NOT
What this Financial Method IS:
What this Financial Method IS NOT:
  • This IS a Method that Helps to Quickly Eliminate Debt
  • This IS a Method that Helps to Free Up Funds Needed for Consumers to Build Wealth
  • This IS a Method that Works With or Without Having Good Credit; AND, May Even Improve Your Credit
  • This is NOT a Bi-Weekly Program
  • This is NOT an Increase to Your Current Monthly Budget
  • This is NOT a Mortgage Modification, Alteration, or Any Other Change to Your Current Mortgage
What Do The Professionals  
Have to Say?
Our System Has Been Recognized (and Awarded) by Industry-Leading Professionals, Magazines, and Companies Country-Wide
The creators of this life-changing system are passionate about helping people get ahead. They have received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Financial Services Category, Utah Region. And, they have been recognized in publications such as Success from Home Magazine, Mortgage Planner Magazine, Home Business Magazine, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, True Wealth Magazine, and Broker Banker Magazine. 

Brian Topor, Editor and Publisher of Broker Banker, featured the System two times in his magazine and stated:

"As an experienced mortgage originator and Founder/Publisher of Broker Banker Magazine, I've come across every imaginable product designed to help mortgage originators generate more business. Some have been great, most have not. I have never personally and/or publicly endorsed any product. However, I'm endorsing this one. It's the Real Deal."
In fact, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine awarded this System the 2008 Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine Editor's Choice Award for Client Mortgage Innovation. The founder and editor, Andrew Waite stated:  
"The... system simplifies a complex world so homeowners can manage their financial condition better. This aid to improved homeowner comprehension and control of their financial condition is a seismic shift for the mortgage industry and can deliver savings and wealth to clients. This we applaud."
In 2007, Channel 3 News Reporters in Las Vegas began investigating our system in attempts to disprove it. And, they ended up using the system personally and reported such on air.Watch to the right!
NOTE: As you listen to Jim Snyder report to the right, you will hear him state that one must have a Line of Credit to use this system. That was true back in 2007. However, the Creators discovered a way to have similar results using one's Checking and Savings accounts in 2010. Lines of Credit are no longer needed. Most of our clients use the Checking and Savings route. 
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Become an Agent On Our Team!
  • Independent Agent with United Financial Freedom ($149 Value)
  • Team Training and Resources ($2995 Value)
  • ​One on One Training ($995 Value)
  • Scripts for Introducing the Program ($199 Value)
  • Corporate Training and Resources ($995 Value)
  • Replicated Websites (Product and Business ($195 Value)
  • Customer/Agent Support (M-F, 8a-5p Mountain) ($7,500 Value)
  • And, So Much More!

Don't Forget Your Bonuses!

  • Audio Recording - Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Audio Recording - John C Maxwell: Failing Forward
  • Webinar Recording - Prospecting Techniques that Work!
  • eBook - Productivity Secrets for Entrepreneurs
  • eBook - Building the Business Brain!
  • Marketing Tools - Replicated Sites to Promote the program and business!
Total Value: $13,028.95
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